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Special Time

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"What if you had the superpower to heal your child's emotional hurt after medical procedures? What if you could foster resilience in your child with just 1 hour a week? This is possible with Special Time."


Play Listening

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"Unleash the Power of Laughter and Joy

Imagine you had the power to heal a child with laughter, wouldn't that be wonderful. With Play Listening, we can do just that."


Loving Limits

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"Validation of a child's emotional world is crucial to raising a person who trusts their own instincts and is confident in their life decisions."



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"By listening to our child, cry and tantrum while staying calm and present allows the process of co-regulation to happen. The child is able to express and therefore process the difficult emotions in the presence of an adult that offers a safe space."

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Listening Partnerships

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"The gift of listening - Embracing our powerlessness is the most empowering experience we will ever have."

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Want to give it a try? Start with:

Special Time

  • Find a time 5-20 minutes that you can dedicate to one child.

  • Let your child know that you are having Special Time for x minutes

  • Set a timer so you both know when it is over.

  • Give your child your undivided attention and enthusiasm. (no multitasking, no phones)

  • LET YOUR CHILD LEAD - your child decides, you follow.

  • Don't teach or correct

  • Set limits only around immediate danger.


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