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Being chased by love instead of an angry dog - Play Listening

During a family vacation my then 2.5 y old had been charged at by an angry dog. The dog was not able to get to her, but my daughter was very traumatized by the incident, unable to walk for several days and later even developing a stutter. In my quest to help her I had found HiH online and started with Special time and Stay Listening, which had an incredible impact on her self esteem and ability to process the fear. I had read quite a bit on the HiH website and wanted to try out this Play Listening tool. This tool does not come naturally to me at all, but I found the idea of having more laughter in our family so beautiful. I can’t remember much laughter in my family growing up. I had read about different play listening and when my daughter asked me to chase her one evening after work - I followed her lead and holding the baby on my hip who enjoyed the bumpy ride as well, we chased her from one end of the apartment to the other. I made sure to not be able to catch her. I tried to hold her shirt, but lost it. She crawled through my legs to get away. Both children laughed and screamed in delight. I was so proud and happy that I had found that laughter and that I was able to make her being chased a fun thing. For me this particular game was a playlistening approach to her experience of being charged at by an angry dog. Replaying the scenario in an affectionate way full of love and control on her part. She requested to play this game every day in many variations. Especially when I had been away at work for the day this game became an important part of us reconnecting in the evening and having fun together. The lightness and playfulness it brings into your day is very relaxing and energizing. Since this tool is especially difficult for me since I did not experience this kind of play with my parents it is very helpful for me to be able to learn it more like a skill, read examples and try them out. Happy moments are the most precious family memories, which can be created by using this tool. The increased lightness these games bring into our life is a value I would not want to miss out on.

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